Privacy Policy​

Privacy Policy

After 20 years we are very happy and proud about what we have achieved, that we have built a good name, and have been popular with our approach.

We think that many companies want to associate with us (Corporate Social Responsibility) but we never tried till now. In our goal to professionalize in a stable and sustainable way we are looking for that good match with the corporate sector.

Reciprocity is very important in Toe to Heart’s approach and in corporate partnerships even more. Both giver and taker have to benefit in one way or another.

For our project in Bangalore we look for any good sustainable local Indian partner but that partner can also be a multinational with a base in Bangalore. For our Toetoheartworld project we’re looking for multinational companies who can align with our international approach.

Check our ‘About Us’ and our ‘Projects’ page, see if you want to contribute with your team(s) to the world by providing Toe and Heart to children.